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An honest review of my least favorite year.

The year has been slow and still, revealing and revolting, fuelled by revolution and evolution, backed by greed and commercialism. Many bridges have burned, and so have our forests. Millions have died; millions of others designed their tombstones. And babies were born. Soft, tiny babies.

Almost a year inside, after…

“Don’t just sit there. Get moving.” I can’t.

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There are a lot of tells when someone’s depressed. We struggle to get in the shower; we don’t leave our beds for days. More often than not, these two go together. We drink, medicate, lash out. Cry pools of tears like Alice, vacillating between crying and scolding ourselves for giving…

Kill your darlings is a whole other ballgame on Medium

Source: Brianna Santellan on Unsplash

Once upon a time, there was a girl with obsessive-compulsive disorder who wanted nothing more than to succeed in a faraway land called Medium.

Unfortunately for the girl, everyone told her this would never come true unless she chopped her paragraphs and shortened her sentences because everyone who lived on…

Artificial intelligence is changing the beautiful game for the better

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Football may be coming home, but England’s Wimbledon grand slam tennis tournament is taking home the crown in innovation this summer.

Through its continued partnership with IBM, Wimbledon has delivered a world-class digital experience to millions of fans since the tournament began on June 28. …


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The city lights are bright, but not from his perspective. The fog climbs up the building and into his head, and he thinks what a shame it is that none of the windows open.

Then he remembers the girl with beautiful bones, the one who looked like the moon if…

Caroline Winston

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